Bye Bye Bumble

Dating apps… Relationships…Single Life…

For those of you who don’t know, Bumble is a dating app. It is very similar to Tinder, but Bumble allows girls to make the “first move”. Guys cannot send messages or pics without the girl messaging first.

I’m going to be real with you all, I have tried other dating apps such as Badoo, Tinder (for less than a day), and Christian Mingle (hehehe jk), but….

TODAY, I decided that I am done with dating apps.  :O

I realized that I used dating apps to prove to myself that guys would find me “attractive” or “pretty”. I used these apps for validation. I put my self worth into complete strangers (some of which were complete dicks).  I put my self worth into men who wanted a one night stand. I put my self worth into boys who didn’t even know who they were yet.

I’m not going to lie, I have met a couple of gems that I still talk to this day.  I have made a couple of neat friends, but I decided that apps aren’t for me when it comes to finding a true and honest relationship.  I totally understand that some people find “true love” through these apps and I give them credit and congratulate those people!

If dating apps work for you, then by all means continue to use them. This is just my opinion.

Words….you never really understand how worthless words are compared to actions until you have been given the grand speech guys think  you want to hear.  Due to my up bringing, I am an individual who does not believe in sex before marriage…with that being said, when most guys find that out, they try and say the dearest and most poetic things to me in order to try and get a “simple” date with them because they find me “different” and “refreshing”.  Thankfully I have been smart enough to drag things out and find out their true colors before a first meeting.

Fun fact: I have only met 1 person in person from these dating apps

I have decided that this year is going to be a year of ME.  I am going to focus on MYSELF and truly find what it means to be happy by MYSELF.

Do I have moments of panic when I think about how old I am in relation to others who are getting married and starting a family? Yes, yes I do. But I need to remind myself that I am not those people and my life story is going to be different than theirs.  I need to remind myself to trust in this God that I have been learning about since before I can remember.

I got this…and if you happen to be in the same boat as me, YOU got this too.  We can go along this journey together ❤

Remember that each one of you are loved and cared for.

SUPER FUN FACT: As I was in the middle of writing this, one of the guys I have been talking to everyday that I met through Bumble just texted me saying, “bye”. That was it. Just “bye”. Literally my life right now.  All I can do is laugh because in all honesty he was too much of a child for me.

May God bless and watch over YOU always ❤



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