Hi….Is That So Hard?

Okayyy time for a salty rant.

My absolute pet peeve is when people do not reply to me.

I understand that people get busy sometimes, but how hard is it to send a simple message saying “Hey! Sorry, I’m busy right now”?????

ALSO, if you tell me that you are interested in me, do not ignore me, especially if you have read receipt on.  If you find that I’m not the right person for you, I’d rather you tell me than be a complete fucker and ghost me.  I’m done dealing with childish individuals.  I need a REAL man or woman in my life who will respect me and give me the same amount of affection that I give.

I over think everything in my life enough, I don’t need a person making it more complicated by giving me mixed signals or just being a complete ass.


May God bless and watch over YOU always

Jen ❤



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